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Tree mortality at Bass Lake, Sierra National Forest. Source: U.S. Forest Service, Region 5

Historical narratives drive debate over California’s forests

  The latest news release by the U.S. Forest Service reads ominously: the Sierra Nevada has over 100 million dead trees. Swathes of standing dry trees infested with insects populate the Stanislaus, Sequoia, and Sierra National Forests. Climate change, a five-year drought and bark beetle attacks have together resulted in what the Forest Service has called…

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downed tree_morning III

Good morning

Who needs an alarm clock when you’ve got the Whomping Willow wailing on your deck? Or Whomping Pine Tree as it were… The part that smashed into our house around 10:30 last night completed its ground assault early this morning (7:30am), waking everyone in the house. It also took our neighbor’s power line with it….

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tree on deck_med

What was that thud?

We’ve been having some intense weather today. Wave after wave of hail woke me up this morning – little stones clattering on the roof. Anything that isn’t nailed down has been wildly bouncing in the wind. Our power started to flicker off and on earlier in the evening. I was speaking with one of my…

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