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Photos courtesy of the FBI website: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/fingerprints_biometrics/biometric-center-of-excellence/files/palm-print-recognition.pdf

Catching Criminals Red-Palmed

A jogger found the bloodstained and filthy body of Kristopher Olinger by the side of the road one September morning in 1997. The last time anyone saw the 17-year-old from Pacific Grove, CA was at midnight, when he went out to photograph the ocean for a school project. The police investigation determined that he had…

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At Taste for the Cure: A Taste of Science, a participant talks with a representative from the Athena Breast Health Network, a program to provide personalized breast cancer prevention for 150,000 women at all five University of California medical centers.

The mixed blessing of bountiful information

I could learn a lot from my spit if I wanted to. Thanks to advances in DNA sequencing, I could send my spit off for personal genomic testing and find out my predicted risks for hundreds of diseases and conditions. But I haven’t. After years of studying the genetics of plants, I’m fascinated by the…

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