When Did Insects Learn to Smell?

Bristletail sensilla (left) lack the grooves that often house olfactory neurons, which contrasts with those in firebrats (middle) and leaf insects (right).  Missbach et al. eLife (2014).

Summer beckons in the northern latitudes. As temperatures warm, beachgoers will flood sandy coasts, carrying bags of potato chips and sandwiches. Picnics will sprout in parks supplied with pink watermelon wedges and soda pop. Feasts ripe for people, and undoubtedly…

Migraine Diagnosis Through Drawing

When a child visits a pediatric neurologist with bad headaches, some doctors will have the child draw a picture the headache. These drawings can be surprisingly telling about the cause of the headaches, especially when the child suffers from migraine. The following video shows pictures that children have drawn of their own migraine headaches.

diagnosis through drawing from Patricia Waldron on Vimeo.

Images are reproduced with permission from Pediatrics, Vol. 109, Page(s) 460-472, Copyright 2002 by the AAP; Journal of Child Neurology, Vol. 23 Page(s) 184-191; Archivos Argentinos de Pediatría, Vol. 106 Page(s) 11-18. Courtesy of Maria S. Mosquera and Garbriel H. Martino; Journal of Child Neurology, Vol. 20, Page(s) 809-813; by Sasha Wolff from Grand Rapids (Can’t Concentrate: 14/365) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons; National Institutes of Health and D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

How Dogs Went from Pests to Pets

For tens of thousands of years, dogs have been part of the human community. Recent research suggests they were first domesticated by European hunter-gatherers between 18,800 and 32,100 years ago, but it’s also possible dogs were domesticated earlier elsewhere around the globe. Domestication might even have arisen simultaneously in different human populations. After all, people always have garbage. And according to Brian Hare of Duke University’s Canine Cognition Center, it was trash that brought us together with man’s best friend.


Lunar glow remains a mystery

NASA Clemantine photo of lunar glow in 1994

Just before sunrise, Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene Cernan spotted a strange glow circling the horizon of the moon. He was expected to see some light from the sun, rays from the outer corona just as in sunrises on earth, but…