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Golden Gate Bridge

Math, Engineers, Bridges, and Hand Waving

After seeing the alarming video of the Minnesota I-35 bridge collapse in class today, I’m reminded from my recent reporting on the flattening of the Golden Gate Bridge 25 years ago on how flexible numbers can be. Searching for a simple detail revealed how much hand waving goes on that I hope is reserved for…

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Nuclear Programs Worldwide As of 2005 (Red means a "Nuclear Weapon State" by the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, Orange are other nuclear powers, Yellow are countries suspected of having nuclear weapons or programs, Pink are countries known to at one time have a nuclear weapon or a program. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

Open Source Nuke Hunting

As my internship at the Monterey Herald came to a close today, I can’t help feel a little a bad for all of the¬†amputeed pages and pages of research in my longer stories that were on the wrong side of the cut. The latest information to suffer this fate is from a story about Tamara…

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Bigger Birds in Central California?

So I was a little worried when I read that birds are apparently getting bigger in the central Californian area. A team led by Rae Goodman from San Francisco State University studied data of bird populations of 40 years at one site and 27 years at another and found that, slowly but surely, bird wing…

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