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Migraine Diagnosis Through Drawing

When a child visits a pediatric neurologist with bad headaches, some doctors will have the child draw a picture the headache. These drawings can be surprisingly telling about the cause of the headaches, especially when the child suffers from migraine. The following video shows pictures that children have drawn of their own migraine headaches. diagnosis…

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We’re Going on a Bear (Hair) Hunt

Europe has a long history of bear hunting, for meat, fur, bounty and sport. Hundreds of years of hunting had wiped out bears in most of the countries. Even today, tourists can still go on trophy hunts in parts of Eastern European. But it isn’t all bad news for bears. With better management, populations are…

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Jude, Gogi, Gabe and Vicky socializing at the sanctuary (Photo courtesy of Save the Chimps)

Sanctuary for Rescued Chimps

Stacy Lopresti-Goodman, a psychologist the Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, studies individuals who have lived in solitary confinement, and who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder. But these individuals aren’t human – they’re chimpanzees who lived in biomedical research facilities. One focus of Lopresti-Goodman’s research is trans-species psychology. Researchers in this field find commonalities between the cognitive…

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Keeping Sight of Polar Ice

A version of this post can be found at the AGU GeoSpace blog.   The polar vortex dropped the jet stream and made large parts of the country miserable this year with freezing cold Arctic air. But, air temperatures over much of the Arctic were above average, and climate change continues to march on. The…

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It Came From the Lake: The Rise of Toxic Cyanobacteria

A monster lurks in Watsonville, California. It can poison your dog, give you diarrhea, and cause cancer in sea otters. The mayhem is unintentional – the monster, a microscopic bacterium, is just trying to make a living. But while the microbe thrives in the warm shallow waters of Pinto Lake, they clog the water column…

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Photos courtesy of the FBI website:

Catching Criminals Red-Palmed

A jogger found the bloodstained and filthy body of Kristopher Olinger by the side of the road one September morning in 1997. The last time anyone saw the 17-year-old from Pacific Grove, CA was at midnight, when he went out to photograph the ocean for a school project. The police investigation determined that he had…

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