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harmonic guitar

Really, really good vibrations

Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” and kittens with mittens, bright-colored Skittles and feeling all smitten, vibrations screaming from taut guitar strings, these are some things that I find pleasing. I have an emotional connection with each item on that list, but only one routinely spills over into my physiology. Well, two if you count the…

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human brain project

Richard Walker: Humanities and the Human Brain Project

Last year was a banner year for brain research, at least financially speaking. Europe and the United States both launched what could amount to billion-dollar brain studies over the next decade. But before Europe’s Human Brain Project got running, there were rumors that the European Commission had axed the project’s funding proposal in a final…

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A view of Salinas, Calif. compiled from Landsat 5 data. Photo credit: Forrest Melton, Cooperative for Research in Science and Technology at NASA Ames Research Center

The Grapes of Landsat

A version of this post can be found at the AGU GeoSpace Blog and at NASA Landsat Science. California’s persistent drought is forcing grape growers to keep a more-attentive-than-normal eye on their vines, as water shortages and elevated temperatures alter this year’s growing season. “This year, we’re going to have to be more vigilant than ever,”…

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An fMRI scan highlights which portions of the brain are engaged in an activity or process.

One Mind’s Math Is Another Mind’s Malarkey

The first clue that I was wrong was that I had a knee-jerk reaction. Nu uh, Temple Grandin, I thought, you can too learn algebra! Sitting inside a gigantic fancy tent at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey, Calif., I soon learned that my impetuous disagreement was based on one simple fact: I knew next to…

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Farmers facing fecal matters

Today, the Food and Drug Administration will close down the outside comment period on changes proposed to the Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA. Field mice could give a crap. One of the proposed changes would establish rules to minimize the risk of crops becoming contaminated with bacteria, parasites and viruses from animal droppings. The…

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