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Zoo-Raised Gorillas Prefer Forest Sounds Over Chopin

The sounds of a gently babbling stream or leaves rustling in the wind can calm city-dwellers far from woodsy retreats. These natural sounds may also influence the behavior of gorillas raised in zoos that have never seen a rainforest. Western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) exhibited fewer stress-related behaviors when a recording of rainforest sounds…

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ice plant close-up 2

Ice plant Invasion

From Sonoma to San Diego, a dense spread of fleshy green leaves mats the California coastline. The pink and yellow blooms brighten grey beaches, and speckle sunny sands as frequently as people and gulls do. They’re pretty, pervasive – and alien. Ice plant, known to scientists as Carpobrotus edulis, is a succulent native to South…

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bullet ant_Jenny Jandt cropped

Protein Shakes Make Tasty Treats For Bullet Ants

Watch a trail of ants march off bearing morsels of food, and you might think the insects are experts at gathering prey. But sometimes the makeup of a food can confound a particular species of supersized ants, new research shows. Bullet ants – giant tropical ants named for the strength of their sting – forage…

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red plate small

Will seeing red help you lose weight?

As the holidays roll around, some of us can’t wait to pile our plates with cookies, candy and family favorites. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by seasonal excess, try focusing on the color red. According to a new study, people tend to eat — or use — less of things presented on red dishes, whether…

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Nightlife DJ

Night at the museum

The lights are dim, the music loud, and the dance floor crowded. Despite the alcohol and food, the large space smells refreshingly clean. People wander the hall with hopeful expressions, name tags stuck on shirts, drinks in hand, attempting to strike up conversations. This feels more like a singles event than an evening at a…

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