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Photo credit: cyclonebill, Wikimedia Commons

Drink at your own perceived risk

How dangerous is unpasteurized milk? Many health-conscious consumers want to know. The answer depends on how you look at the numbers. In March, CDC scientists published a study in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases that tried to quantify this risk by analyzing milk-related disease outbreaks from 1993 to 2006. The research was widely covered in…

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Lunch — the other Thanksgiving meal. (Photo by Helen Shen)

Making Room for Thanksgiving Stuffing

I didn’t grow up eating Thanksgiving dinner, but over the years I’ve learned how to do the traditional American turkey-day right. There’s the carving of large birds, the mashing of potatoes, and of course, the skipping of lunch. Most people I know skip lunch on Thanksgiving. We may call it “saving room for dinner,” but…

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Joel Holland holds the Washington state record with this pumpkin from 2009.  Photo by Mari Lou Holland

Gargantuan Gourds

Wake up, Linus, the Great Pumpkin is finally coming! On Oct. 10, Leonardo Ureña of Napa won the Half Moon Bay giant pumpkin weigh-off with a 1704-pound behemoth — a new California record. Ureña is part of a blooming subculture of competitive pumpkin growers that are smashing pumpkin records left and right. The world record,…

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