Top 5 Science Stories of 2012 According to Reddit


2012 was a big year for science. From tiny particles to worlds millions of miles away, there were a lot of science stories worth reading. Here is a compilation of the top five of the year, according to the point-score given by users of For each major story I’ve made a useful infographic to give you some neat facts about that topic. Here’s to hoping 2013 is an even better year for science!


“The verdict is perverse and the sentence ludicrous”. The journal Nature weighs in on the Italian seismologists given 6 years in prison.


They found water on Mercury.


The government is to unveil controversial plans to make publicly funded scientific research immediately available for anyone to read for free by 2014


Higgs Boson Confirmed at 5-sigma Standard Deviations at 125 GeV


Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity has landed safely

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