The joy of a good interview

Interviews can sometimes be a chore. Sometimes you’re talking to someone who’s not particularly enthusiastic, or who just talks in a really boring way about something that should be inherently exciting. And you persevere as you try really hard to get some interesting information and quotes from them.

And then you have the sources who’re just so excited about what they do, that they transform what could otherwise be dry and technical into a fascinating story. I love these kinds of interviews.

I had one just a few days back, and it really reminded me of why I enjoy talking to sources (especially scientists) who are passionate about what they do.

There’s nothing better as a journalist than talking to someone who keeps telling you interesting anecdotes and fascinating details about their work, because they’re so interested in it and just love talking about it. And they’re genuinely excited that someone else is showing interest in their work, and are more than happy to share their knowledge.

It’s a lot of fun. And you tend to end up with much better quotes as well.

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